Some of the "Plus Factors" for our success...

  • Pro active in approach.
  • Meticulous care and clarity in communication.
  • Courteous service to all customers.
  • Best relationship with Customs, Container Terminal, CFS etc.
  • Good liaison with all feeder vessel operators/agents.
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capability.
  • Well experienced and proficient personnel.
  • Rendering of our monthly accounts to Principals.
  • Timely remittance of surplus freight collections to Principals. 
  • Cargo Arrival notices for all import shipments.
  • Manifesting and hastle free delivery to consignees
  • Excellent equipment control and maintenance.
  • Excellent marketing support for Principals.
  • Proper pre-planning for all exports.
  • Pre-alerts to destination agents.
  • Timely despatch of 'Doc's to Destination Agents






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