Kingfisher Shipping Agencies are also engaged in Flexi Tank operations for shipment of Non-Hazardous liquid bulk cargoes. We represent reputed flexitank manufacturers in China, Indonesia and Malaysia. We supply our flexi tanks for high viscous as well as low viscous liquid products. We supply them to actual exporters together with necessary fitting materials and also we undertake to fix them in ‘20’ GP containers in customers’ factory premises for loading of liquid cargoes in bulk. We also undertake to supervise the loading to ensure smooth operation at every stage.

We supply following types of flexi tanks to suit customers preferences and viscosity of products:-

         i.            Top Loading & Top Discharge - with 1 x 3” butterfly valve on top.

       ii.            Bottom Loading & Bottom Discharge - with 1 x 3” butterfly valve at bottom.

      iii.            Top Loading & Bottom Discharge  -  with 2 x 3” butterfly valves at top and bottom.


We also supply 1 x 3”/2” convertor with each of our flexi tank to ensure smooth discharge as well.

Product Features

All our flexi tanks are of 24,000 Littre capacity, specially designed for fitting into a 20’ GP container. All our flexitanks are provided with Insurance cover for Manufacturing defects.

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